our vision and values
We unpack our vision by imagining what God’s preferred future looks like at The Crossing.

Imagine a Place….

Where hundreds and even thousands worship God with profound gratitude flowing from a transformed life

Where God’s Word is elevated

Where God’s personal mission for me, finds its proper place in God’s mission for the world

Where authentic life change occurs and is expected

Where world missions is a priority and believers are encouraged to give and equipped to go for both short and long-term opportunities.

Where ministry leaders are trained and sent out to help the Body of Christ in other locations

Where a congregation of 1000 plants another church, providing resources and ministry staff. When that church is established/strong, the search for another location would be complete and the process begins again and again

Where advancing the fame and glory of Jesus Christ motivates all we do

Where our focus is making disciples, not just converts

Our values are summed up in three easy words

Word - The Crossing is a place where the Word of God is elevated
Worship - We experience worship through profound gratitude that flows from a transformed life
Witness - Through our witness we are committed to advancing His fame